RCMH Professional Spotlight

The entire staff of RCMH is committed to providing quality health care for area residents. You can count on them to be here, knowledgeable and experienced whenever your need arises.

Our Professional Spotlight is an opportunity for us to highlight individuals who do an outstanding job of providing a medical service to our community. To our spotlight, we say thanks and keep up the great work!

The spotlight is on...

These are some comments we recently received from patients during follow-up phone calls:

A thank you note from an appreciative patient:

“To all who cared for Steve*:

We wish to extend our deepest appreciation in caring for Steve, loving husband and father.

Your professionalism and how you opened your hearts with care, concern, and friendship was truly appreciated and you consoled us beyond all expectations. The way everyone attended to Steve’s physical and mental care touched our hearts beyond words. Your hospital and all its staff showed such compassion and treated us like everyone mattered and no one was just a number. People skills for all involved were outstanding. We truly appreciate how you cared for his condition but never lost sight of his person. The CNA’s were so courteous and attentive to not only Steve, but his family as well. Thank you for your patience, kind words, and conversation during this difficult time. We have never experienced such humanities at times we were at other medical facilities.

We hope Steve is able to settle in at the nursing home, and we know he holds his family in his heart and he would grin and tell you all personally, ‘Thank you’. Everyone should INSIST ON RUSK, and we will promote our experience there.

God Bless You All,
The Steve and Hillary Smith* Family�

* Names have been changed to preserve confidentiality.