RCMH Professional Spotlight

The entire staff of RCMH is committed to providing quality health care for area residents. You can count on them to be here, knowledgeable and experienced whenever your need arises.

Our Professional Spotlight is an opportunity for us to highlight individuals who do an outstanding job of providing a medical service to our community. To our spotlight, we say thanks and keep up the great work!

The spotlight is on...

These are some comments we recently received from patients during follow-up phone calls:

A thank you note from an appreciative patient:

"We would like to express our feeling of how fortunate the residents of Ladysmtih and Rusk County are to have such a wonderful facility as Rusk County Memorial Hospital right at their doorstep. Our mother was recently a patient there and we were very impressed with the staff, the cleanliness of the rooms and hallways and the personal attention that each and every one of the employees displayed. The attention that was given to our mother and to us put our minds to rest knowing that everything that could be done was being done and done right."