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Important Update on Birth Center Services

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When you deliver at RCMH's Birth Center, you and your baby will be known by name and receive individualized care. We offer prenatal classes, one-on-one nursing care during labor, NRP certified physicians and nursing staff, pain control and personal postpartum teaching to care for yourself and your newborn prior to going home.

Prenatal Classes

Prenatal courses are taught every three months by an experienced registered nurse. The classes are free to expectant mothers who deliver at RCMH. We also offer this service to area mothers who plan to deliver elsewhere for a fee of $25.

If interested, please contact the OB department at 715-532-5561 ext. 210 or watch for class information in the Ladysmith News.

Personal, Professional Care

You will receive one-on-one nursing care to assist you through your labor. All physicians and nurses that work in the Birth Center are certified in neonatal resuscitation (NRP). This extensive program provides nursing staff with the training and skills necessary in the event your baby is born with a medical problem.

We can assist you with relaxation techniques such as music, meditation, massage, hot/cold compresses, breathing techniques, rhythmic motions, shower or birthing balls. We can also provide IV pain medications or intrathecal analgesia can be administered by our anesthesia department.

Personal postpartum teaching

We provide one-on-one teaching following the birth of your baby to prepare you for going home. Our skilled nursing staff will teach you how to care for yourself and your baby as well as provide you practical tips on breastfeeding and safety.

Newborn Hearing Screening

Hearing is an important part of infant development. If not detected, early valuable learning time can be lost. Through the financial support of our hospital auxiliary, registered nurses are able to perform a hearing screening to all newborns before discharge. Babies who do not pass the screening will be referred to an audiologist for follow-up.

Other testing available

Non-stress tests, Contraction Stress Tests, Ultrasound, Amniocentesis and External Fetal Version.

Fathers and Partners

Fathers and partners are welcome to stay overnight with the mother providing a private room is available.

Baby Photos

With your permission, your baby's photograph will be taken and placed on our website. You may want to bring a special outfit for the baby's photo. This allows you to direct family and friends who are anxious to see pictures to our Online Nursery to view your new addition.

Newspaper Birth Announcements

You may choose to put your birth announcement in the newspaper of your choice.

Compliments of Rusk County Hospital, new parents will receive the following upon discharge:


Once you are home, you may develop some questions or concerns. Please feel free to call us for suggestions on newborn care or recovering from birth. At RCMH, we want you to know we are here for you and your new baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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