Imaging Center

SitzMark Study

Purpose: A StizMark Study is used to study how well the bowel moves food through the body.

Preparation: Upon arrival at the Imaging Services Department, you will be given a SitzMark capsule containing radio-opaque markers to swallow with a glass of water. After taking the capsule you will need to refrain from using laxatives, enemas and suppositories. You will be instructed to return to the Imaging Services Department 5 days after swallowing the capsule for imaging of your abdomen. If you think you are pregnant, please tell the technologist before your exam.

What to Expect: On the day you return for your exam, wear clothing that you can change out of easily. The technologist will ask you to lie down on the x-ray table. You will be asked to hold your breath while the exposure is made. The technologist will review the images and if they are acceptable you will be free to leave.

Post Exam Information: Your images will be reviewed by a Radiologist and the results of your exam will be forwarded to your physician. Your physician will be able to discuss the results of your exam with you.

Time Frame: 10-15 minutes

Contact for additional information: Rusk County Memorial Hospital Imaging Services Department at 715-532-5561 ext. 1244.